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About Barefoot Island Life

What does your dream look like? 

Here’s our story…

In 2013 while living in Charlotte, we made a life-changing decision. For many years we had dreamed of moving to the beach—SOMEDAY. But what was keeping this dream from becoming reality? We didn't have a plan! So, we decided to draw a proverbial line in the sand and we began a one-year journey toward making our dream come true. And you know what? One year later we were living our dream - the barefoot island life! But the truth is, SOMEDAY never really comes without making it happen. Today it’s our true passion to help you make your dream come true and help you find your own piece of paradise. If this coastal lifestyle is calling you, we would love to help make that dream a reality. Maybe it’s time you draw your own line in the sand and begin your journey.

So what does your dream look like? Isn’t it about time to live your dream?

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